Peter Silverstone | Shrink Wrapped


Shrink Wrapped is a show hosted by widely published psychiatrist and entrepreneur Peter Silverstone. The goal of the show is to give individuals who have experienced adversity or faced stigma throughout their lives, a candid and authentic platform to share their stories with an international audience.  Watch as Dr. Silverstone learns about their struggles and explores the lives of these individuals in a way that is completely new to both them, and you, the viewer.

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Our Favourites

Jessica | Compassion and Not Fitting In


Lindsey | Addiction, Escape and Getting Better

Our Most Recent Episodes

Peter Silverstone | Interviewing Strangers On The Street About Their Lives

Cody | Insecurity and Addiction in Bodybuilding
David | Using Comedy as a Coping Mechanism
Cosette | They Learn to Love Themself
Jesse | Founder of Make it Awkward and #6 High Jumper in the World
Kyle | Making out with Girls and Becoming Comfortable with Yourself
Courtney | Growing up Trans and Coming out as an Adult